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SE FNIM Program Team
Headshot of Melissa Spence, RN, BN

Melissa Spence, RN, BN

Program Manager

Region: Long Plain First Nation, Manitoba

Melissa Spence is a First Nations R.N. who is originally from Poplar River First Nation, a northern remote community in Manitoba. Melissa left her home community as a teenager to further her High School education and went on to complete her Nursing Diploma in 1998, and her Bachelor of Nursing Degree in 2005.

Melissa's career path demonstrates she is deeply committed to improving the health of First Nations people. She started her nursing career in 1998 in Community Health Nursing where she was worked tirelessly for 6 years, in a small southern First Nation community in Manitoba. After completing her degree in 2005, Melissa broadened her horizons by accepting a position with the First Nations and Inuit Health Branch, Manitoba Region, as the Immunization Coordinator within the Health Protection Directorate.   From April of 2008 onward she held a position as an Engagement Liaison with the SE First Nations, Inuit and Métis Program her duties included linking with First Nations, identifying their learning needs and introducing different and exciting opportunities for learning through e-learning as well as assisting/leading the development and implementation of customized professional development courses, training tools and programs.

In June 2014 Melissa took on the role of Program Lead for the SE First Nations, Inuit and Métis Program.

To contact Melissa:

Melissa Spence
Program Manager
First Nations, Inuit & Métis Program
SE Health

Long Plain First Nation
472 Madison St.
Winnipeg, MB
R3J 1J1

Telephone: 204 632 7076
Mobile: 204 293 0679