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Vocational Training

SE Career College of Health (SECC), owned and operated by SE Health, is a recognized and regulated not-for-profit vocational school exclusively focused on health education. Our FNIM Program is working in partnership with SECC and FNIM communities and organizations to develop and deliver vocational and certificate programs that are relevant, accessible, and culturally safe.

Blended Delivery Vocational Training

SE Career College, in partnership with the First Nations, Inuit and Métis Program, are currently offering a Blended Delivery Indigenous Health Care Aide/Assistant (HCA) and Personal Support Worker (PSW) training and Blended Delivery Indigenous Community Health Representative (CHR) training across Canada. These trainings are available to groups and are accredited and recognized college programs. The blended delivery model (combining in person and on-line learning) increases education accessibility to students living in rural, remote and isolated communities who may not be able to relocate for vocational training. The programs are supported by a dedicated Indigenous Program team (comprised of Indigenous managers and instructors) who work closely with participating communities and organizations to ensure the training is culturally relevant and reflective of local culture and traditions. 

Enhanced HCA/PSW Training

SE FNIM Program has delivered Health Care Aide (HCA)/Personal Support Worker (PSW) Enhanced Training in Manitoba and Ontario. The training is focused on enhancing and refreshing existing HCA/PSW skills and knowledge based on their identified learning needs.
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To discuss potential vocational training opportunities to meet your learning needs in your region please contact:

Melissa Spence
Program Manager
SE First Nations, Inuit and Métis Program
T: 204.632.7076 / 204.293.0679

SE Career College 

SE Career College is a regulated and registered not-for-profit vocational school that focuses exclusively on health education. We opened our college with a focus on spreading hope and happiness, graduating health care workers who would make an impact in the lives of others.

Our organizational vision - to honour the human face of health care - is a central philosophy in the delivery of all of our programs at the SE Career College. Our Career College is led by SE Health experts and leaders in health care, community health, adult education, and culturally safe care. Our goal is to impart upon our students cutting edge health knowledge, skills and competencies, enabling them to provide exceptional client experiences and to create positive working environments.

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