Our Commitment

SE Health is a leading not-for-profit social enterprise that provides health care solutions, innovation and education. With a century of experience and powerful vision for the future, SE Health is making tangible contributions to health care and we are delighted to be able to share them with you. We hope that our impact inspires you, and we look forward to continuing to make our mark.

At SE Health, we work on multifaceted projects and collaborate globally to improve the physical, mental, and spiritual health of communities. We partner with great minds across many fields, focusing on initiatives that promote dignity, independence, choice, connection, and quality of life. Our key areas of impact include making a difference through shaping the future of aging, working together for Indigenous health, and honouring end-of-life journeys.

SE Health is honouring, respecting and acting upon the Truth and Reconciliation (TRC) Calls to Action with dedication and determination.

  • For over 20 years, SE Health has invested in a dedicated First Nations, Inuit and Métis Program, as they recognized the urgency and importance of supporting Indigenous communities through strengths-based approaches and encouraging Indigenous sovereignty.
  • The development of the Indigenous Cultural Safety course responds to the TRC’s Call to Action 92.iii and to SE Health’s dedication to reconciliation and Indigenous communities across Canada. The Indigenous Cultural Safety course is available to the public and all of SE Health’s 8,000+ employees. This course developed with Indigenous instructors and staff to ensure the delivery of culturally safe care across the organization. 

We are committed to cultural safety, and demonstrate this through:

  • Supporting Indigenous health and well-being
  • Principles of ownership, control, access, possession (OCAP) and Indigenous research and evaluation methods
  • Indigenous sovereignty. We believe that communities have the answers
  • The 5Rs – Respect, Relevance, Reciprocity, Responsibility, Relationship
  • Accessible education opportunities we create
  • Infusing Indigenous knowledge into education programs
  • Strengths-based approaches (trauma informed)
  • Supporting communities to access relevant and culturally safe on-going education that supports excellence in care delivery through our online courses offered at no cost

Our Commitment to Collaboration

The First Nations, Inuit and Métis team is committed to collaborating with other organizations who share our vision and values in supporting Indigenous health and well-being. Some examples of our collaborations include:

  • The co-development of the no cost course “Providing Culturally Safe Care with An Indigenous Lens” that is delivered through the PACE Program (Palliative Care Education for Personal Support Workers). Partners in this initiative include Life and Death Matters, Hospice Palliative Care Ontario and the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association
  • The co-development of the no cost course “Palliative and End-of-Life Care in Indigenous Communities”. The Canadian Indigenous Nurses Association were partners in this initiative.
  • Collaboration with Maamwesying North Shore Community Health Services to:
    • Co-design and deliver caregiver education and training
    • Certified PSW training for North Shore communities
  • First Nations Digital Health Ontario (FNDHO)
    • The launch of a FNDHO-specific Privacy and Health Information Security course on @YourSide Colleague®. The course is an FNDHO-specific version of the National Privacy of Health Information and Security course that is available to all learners on @YourSide Colleague®.
    • The launch of an online Computer Literacy course on @YourSide Colleague® for Ontario learners. The purpose of this course is to provide no-cost computer education and capacity building for Indigenous people, communities and organizations.
    • The launch of a FNDHO-specific First Nations Health Information Management course on @YourSide Colleague® for Ontario learners. The purpose of this course is to help learners understand what information management means in a First Nations health environment, as well as what good information practices can do for health care providers, their organizations, communities and clients.
  • The upcoming launch of a FNDHO-specific First Nations Health 101 course on @YourSide Colleague® for Ontario learners.