Our People

Our incredible team of Indigenous Nurses and allies works tirelessly to ensure communities have access to education and knowledge sharing opportunities. The program respects the strength and wisdom of our partners, and their unique cultures and histories. We strive to provide cultural safety for all learners, by ensuring that we create safe learning environments for our students and infusing our curriculum with Indigenous ways of knowing.

Meet The Team

Anissa Kammasith
Education Coordinator
Candice Sanderson
Education Liaison
Corey MacKenzie
Director, New Initiatives
Doris Warner
Engagement Liaison
Erin Funk
Education Liaison
Gillian Lysyk
Education Liaison
Jennifer Hudder
Education Lead
Laurie Lee Gravelle
Education Liaison
Natalie DiFebo
Sacha Robillard
Education Coordinator
Suzanne Stephenson
Engagement Liaison
Tyler Geisler
Wellness Lead

Why We Love
What We Do